Basic Rules For Writing A Narrative Essay Successfully

A narrative essay is a type of essay that is about the writer’s experience of a certain event. As the writer of this type of narrative, it’s always important to know how best to bring out your thoughts and make the essay a success. In order to become an elite writer, there are a number of things that you should know and put into consideration as you get into the writing:

  • Topic
  • The topic is an important part in this type of narrative. In case you are to choose your own topic, you need to ensure that it’s something you have experienced or can relate easily. However, when the topic is provided forthwith, you need to ensure that you don’t deviate from the point at any point in your writing.

  • Point of view
  • To ensure that your work is successful, you need to keep a consistent point of view. The most preferred is the first person point of view. Make good use of the “I” but ensure not to make it sound monotonous. You can switch points of view severally in your work, but be aware that this technique is difficult and risky. Only try it if you are good at keeping track with your writing and thoughts.

  • Character build up
  • The experience you choose to write should be carefully chosen so that you can easily develop your characters in the story with ease. The characters that are major in your story should be well developed before the climax is reached. Try to be realistic as possible. Over exaggeration can make your work become dismissible from the beginning. Lastly, every good story needs an antagonist and a protagonist. Mostly nurture the two as they carry the theme of your whole story.

  • Setting
  • As you get into telling your ordeal, you need to paint a mental picture of the surroundings in the book to your reader. Take some time to describe the landscape, society and the religion of the characters, if possible. Basically, make the story come to life.

  • Content
  • After putting all the above into thought, you need to lastly see how you are going to present your content. The format of the essay will still remain the same; introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction needs to be epic and the conclusion needs to be dramatic. The body of ideas should be chronologically arranged to ensure that your writer is not confused in the middle and just like that, your work will become remarkable.

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