10 Simple Tips On How To Format An Essay Properly

There are many different formatting guides that you may need to use when writing an academic paper. In fact, whilst you might have been asked to follow an official guide, it might also be the case that you have been given a variety of different instructions to follow. Ultimately, to ensure that you do things consistently, as well as according to any instructions that you might have been given, the following outlines 10 simple tips to remember when doing the work.

  1. Creating titles and headers using the correct sized font
  2. Your titles and headers will almost certainly have to be different in size to the rest of the text; therefore, it is important that you are aware of what size fonts to use.

  3. Knowing when to underline titles and other text
  4. Sometimes you will need to underline titles, as well as other text, so you should be aware of any requirements relating to underlining content that you have written.

  5. Knowing what indentations to use at the beginning of paragraphs
  6. One common requirement for a variety of different writing guides is that you use an indentation at the beginning of the paragraph. Therefore, you should check to see whether you need to include indentations, and how big these indentations should be - usually about half an inch.

  7. Knowing how to correctly number different pages
  8. It is important that you number your pages correctly, and include the numbers in the correct location on the page - for example, in the middle at the bottom of the page.

  9. Knowing how to correctly use multilevel lists
  10. If you need to include lists, and they need to be multilevel lists, then it is important to use these correctly and consistently throughout your paper.

  11. Knowing what fonts to use for the main text
  12. Just as it is important to know what fonts to use for your titles, it is also important to know what fonts to use for your main text, as well as what size they should be.

  13. Knowing what line-spacing to use
  14. It might be that you have used single line-spacing, double line-spacing, or a variety of other requirements; so be prepared to check how you should space your work.

  15. Knowing how to create a title page
  16. The title page is one of the first things that people see, so it is important that it has been formatted correctly.

  17. Knowing how to organize a citation or reference
  18. Citations and references are integral to any academic paper, and should be organized in a uniform way, which you will need to be aware of.

  19. Knowing what page layout to use
  20. Finally, you should be aware any requirements relating to the page layout, such as whether or not to use landscape in certain situations.

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