List Of 10 Interesting Biology Essay Topics For High School

While studying in high school, most students will either have to study biology as a subject in its own right, or as part of a wider scientific course. Either way, it is not uncommon for individuals to have to write about biology as part of a high school essay.

In order to produce a good piece of work, it is wise to try and think of an interesting topic to write about. Ideally, your teacher will have given you some sort of guidelines in order to help you think of a good topic to write about. However, whether you have been given any instructions or complete free rein in order to pick a topic of your choosing, you might find that using brainstorming techniques will help to develop a good idea.

Narrowing down a good title

Whilst using brainstorming techniques, you will most likely come up with a range of different ideas that you may wish to write about. In order to narrow down a title, it can be a good idea to look at the various pros and cons to each topic that you have thought of. In order to do this, you may wish to think about the ease of research in a particular topic, as well as how much you know about the topic, or even help interested you are in that topic. For example, if you find any of the topics listed below interesting, then you may wish write about them.

  • How has that our understanding of the genetic makeup of animals improved in the 21st century?
  • Due to the past and varied genetic differences that exist between different species of fish, to what extent is there any validity in the statement “there is no such thing as a fish”?
  • Outline and explain the process of homeostasis, and compare and contrast the process as exhibited in a variety of different living creatures
  • Compare and contrast the differences between cell structures in animals and plants
  • How does the biological classification system help scientists to organize different living creatures into logical groups?
  • Outline three interesting facts relating to help bacteria plays a crucial role in the existence of human life
  • How do different organisms absorb and process energy?
  • Discuss the way in which a Punnet square can be used to outline the probability of a particular trait being exhibited in a living organism?
  • What are dormant genes and what role do they have in relation to hereditary health problems?
  • Discuss the way in which cells divide

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