10 Steps to Writing a Critical Analysis Essay: a Guide for Students

Critical analysis is not an invitation to be rude or clever. This is an opportunity for you to show your command of the subject and how you can interpret what an author, artist, or any other creative person is trying to do. Do not think of it as an attack piece because critiques can also be very favorable. It is how you’re able to present your point of view which will be very important. Here are some fairly easy ways to write a good essay while doing a good job of judging another work.

  1. Do You Know What You Are Writing about? You will have to be able to decipher what is being presented. What is the underlying theme or thesis of the work you are examining? What is its context? These questions are going to require you to study what it is you will be writing about.
  2. Take Thorough Notes. As you begin the process of critical analysis you should be taking very comprehensive notes of what it is you are reviewing. The reason is quite simple: you will be referring back to those impressions when you start writing.
  3. Develop Questions to Be Answered. These can be general queries such as subject matter, ideas, and the message. You will discover that as you combined the notes with the questions. The entire essay gets to be a little bit easier.
  4. Construct Your Outline. You will need a blueprint for the development of your insights. Think of the outline as the guide you are going to use to present your thoughts.
  5. Be As Objective As Possible. This is where patience and control are important. Doing a critique is not an opportunity to demean or insult. Rather, it is attempt to educate the reader.
  6. Do A Good Evaluation. As you have finally determined the topic or theme, take a look at how the author, painter, or whoever has approached it. Did this person do a good job of further defining that central reason for even creating the piece?
  7. Consider How the Work Appeals to an Audience. What your opinion is the reaction that an audience would have? Is there a particular audience that would react in a special way?
  8. Make Certain That You Provide Evidence to Support Your Opinion. This could be citations from other works. Be certain that the evidence you provide is credible and immediately recognizable. Do not rely on the opinions of some amateur blog.
  9. Give a Strong Summary. The conclusion of the critical analysis is the major part of the essay. Take the time necessary to provide logical and clear insights.
  10. Don’t Forget the Basics. This means the editing, proofreading, and revision work which is a part of any essay. You may have written fantastic critical analysis but receive a poor grade due to grammatical errors. Be sure that this composition is proofread by someone else. You can get even better insights from their comments. Make certain that the work is grammatically perfect before you submit it.

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