Evolution Of Social Behavior

There are many reasons that make animals have a social behavior. Animals of the same species are likely to show more interactions than animals of different species. However, nature has its own way of doing things. Interactions may be drawn between species lines but will be forced by nature at some point. As animals evolve, interactions are enhanced. This will however depend on many factors. In some cases the social behavior may decline with evolution. The most affected of all animal s is the human being. With evolution we have changed a lot in respect to the social behavior. This is why the human beings are competing against each other in unfair manners. Below are some of the factors of evolution that lead to growth and change of the social behavior.

Social Behavior is adaptive

Most of the relationships that exist between animals are to help them to survive well in their environments. This does not mean that being social does not have a cost. If you however compare the cost that an animal has to pay for being in a social behavior is negligible compared to if you are not. For example let us look at the animals that graze together. They reduced the chances of each individual animal being attacked by predators. If one animal is grazing a lone and a predator appears, then the probability that it will be attacked is very high unlike if it were distributed if it had been in a pack. The cost that it would have to pay is that there will be competition for food. You cannot compare the competition for food with the loss of life. Where the benefits exceed the risks, then there is bound to be a social life.

Altruism, Reciprocity and Kin ship

Altruism is when one member acts as the hero for all the others. This is caused by one member being naturally selected. Example is when a squirrel warns others of danger. It attracts danger to itself by sounding a warning to the other members. This is mainly governed by kinship. It will only sound warning for members of the family. Reciprocity is seen when help to members of a group is offered depending on how well suited to return a favor. Especially when sharing food, some animals may only share to those that they know they can share in future. If not so animals will share depending on the family lines.

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