Writing A Good And Effective Essay: Simple Guidelines For Students

Essay writing can seem like something that is very hard to do. A lot of students struggle with this particular area of the class. You want to write an essay that is both good and effective, so you need some tips on how to do that. Here are some simple guidelines that should allow you to write more easily an essay every time.

  • Simple Guidelines
    • Have strong but separate sections
    • Use your best English
    • Keep it on topic
    • Research if necessary

  • Have Strong But Separate Sections
  • Each section should be strong. Your introduction needs to introduce the topic and make the reader want more. The body paragraphs should each make one point that relate to the topic and make the points well. The conclusion needs to sum up everything you said nicely while being an ending as well. All of these sections are important and without any one of them it won’t be as good. Make sure to concentrate equally on each.

  • Use Your Best English
  • Make sure to mind your English usage while you write. The better your English is, the better the paper will sound. Also, you may want to consider the use of a thesaurus using the same simple words all the time will sound boring so mix up the language a little and use some better terms. It will serve you well.

  • Keep It on Topic
  • Staying on topic is important. Often, a student will run out of things to say so they will go off on a tangent and talk about something else that is either not related or only loosely related to the topic at hand. This deducts major points from your grade. Be careful not to do this.

  • Research If Necessary
  • If you have to do research, then do it. If you can get away with writing an essay without it because it is a personal experience topic than fine but for most essays you will have to read a book or do some research to complete it. Do as much as is needed to make it full and interesting.

When you look at these things they don’t seem too hard do they? For the most part, they are easy little things that when put together bring powerful results. That is often true in life. When small things come together in the right way, they can make something extraordinary. Keep all of these guidelines in mind while you write.

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