Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

Whether Capital Punishment is a necessary law or an inhumane act is an ongoing debate. Pro – Life supporters believe that the death penalty is an inhuman act and a degrading response to crimes. It is irredeemable and often, because of political pressure and power, an unjust act.

Death penalty is a permanent and frightening situation should the one executed be proven innocent later on. There are many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished and some of them are:

Risk of Executing Someone Innocent

No matter how careful the justice system is, there is always a risk that the authorities might execute someone innocent. There are chances that the person being executed might be proven innocent after the punishment has been given. This makes the decision of the punishment itself a huge responsibility and must be done consciously.

Arbitrary Use is Still Widespread

Another major responsibility associated with this penalty is being unbiased. Often people being punished through this are offenders of the rich and powerful. This is why there is often an ongoing argument that this punishment is often imposed on minors, people of a certain race, those who follow a certain religion and the poor.

It Goes Against Human Rights

The most basic right of a person is their right to live. This punishment violates that very basic right of people. It also undermines human dignity and is considered extremely degrading.

It Does not Eradicate Crime

The effectiveness of the death penalty had been questioned by many justice and law enforcement agencies. Killing one individual for a crime does not guarantee that others will not commit the same crime solely out of fear.

The Public Opinion Does Not Decide

Even if a large portion of the public believes in the death penalty, it doesn’t mean that taking the life of an individual might prove to be the right decision. It is still a gross violation of human rights and condemned by many, both in the legal system and those who are part of the society.

The execution of death penalty varies in different countries. Some use a lethal injection, which does not affect every individual the same way, while in less developed countries, the hangman’s noose is used to perform an execution. Either way, the end result is the same, irreversible where a person’s life is ended and their basic right snatched from them.

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