Effective Advice on How to Write an Essay about a Movie

Writing about something pleasant and familiar is always rewarding. If the topic of your essay deals with reviewing, analyzing, or just telling about a particular movie, consider the following guidelines. They will help you write a great paper.

  • Watch and take notes.
  • Even if you’re assigned to write an essay about your favorite movie that you’ve watched dozens of times, it’s advisable to watch it over again. Perhaps, you’ll notice some new interesting details or look at it from a different angle. Write down the names of the main characters, note some background information about them, notice the situations in which their personalities reveal.

  • Go narrower.
  • If you don’t have any prompts that would specify a particular direction of your essay, then you’re free to choose on which aspect of the film to focus. First of all, subject your movie to a critical analysis. Find out its strong points or outstanding features and focus on them. You can center your attention on a plot, a social issue raised in that film, or the role of mood music and special effects in creating a general tone. If it’s a film version of a famous book, you can analyze what was omitted or added and whether it was reasonable.

  • Overview the essentials.
  • Introduce the movie by indicating its title, genre, producer, and the year of its release. Then write about the actors featured in that movie. If your topic deals with the choice of soundtracks for the film, then mention the name of a composer. If you’re more interested in a plot, write a couple of sentences explaining what inspired the director to choose that particular story.

  • Provide a short summary.
  • Familiarize your readers with the subject of the movie. Don’t go into details or retell the story. You should give a brief analysis without providing an extensive account.

  • Write clearly.
  • You should present your thoughts in a clear and interesting way. Write in a simple language avoiding filmmaking jargon. However, if you use some technical terms make sure you apply them appropriately. Provide examples for your points to sound credible. When describing the actor’s play, the settings, or camerawork don’t restrict yourself to a formal style. It’s always more engaging when you express everything you think and feel about the film in your own unique way.

  • Be persuasive.
  • Your essay should encourage people to watch that movie. That’s why your task is to use all your creative potential and transmit your passion about it to the others.

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