Inner Beauty Vs External

When the majority of people think of beauty, they picture a number of specific physical traits assembled in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The minority perceive beauty in a less tangible manner quantifying it in terms of personality and character traits. Although it is possible for a person to possess both inner and external beauty there is ongoing debate as to which is more valuable.

From a scientific perspective

Numerous studies have proven that physically attractive people receive better treatment than their less attractive counterparts. People are more likely to approach them, hire them, or pursue a romantic relationship with them. The continuation of the human species is dependent upon healthy fertile specimens procreating and creating other healthy fertile specimens. Scientists have argued that gravitating towards external beauty has been programmed into our genetic codes as a means of ensuring that we select the best possible mates. The characteristics that are considered attractive are usually indicators associated with the ability to successfully bear children. In both males and females facial symmetry with luminous skin and hair is a standard of beauty. A lack of facial symmetry is associated with conditions such as stroke or palsy. In the female a protruding bust and rounded hips indicate that she is of childbearing age and likely to be fertile. In the male height and a muscular physique indicate sexual maturity and physical strength do the same.


While there is obvious value in possessing external beauty there is merit in inner beauty as well. Standards of physical beauty vary from culture to culture but inner beauty appears to be much more universal. Honesty, gentleness, generosity, fairness and humility are considered attractive traits by persons across cultures and the impact of such persons on the social environment cannot be understated. These beautiful people are the backbone of society and they create harmony and restore balance by the manner in which they live their lives. Many historic figures who left a mark on the world and positively altered the societies in which they lived were quite unremarkable in terms of their physical appearance.

In an ideal world everyone would possess a combination of inner and external beauty. When the emphasis on one negates the value of the other it creates an environment in which persons are either superficial or too deep. Everyone has a preference regarding who they would like to be friends with, hire or marry but this should not be determined solely by external beauty.

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