20 Questions You Can Investigate in a World History Essay

World history is a fascinating subject. It lets you look at different events from the past, critically analyze them, look for the causes of certain events, and analyze their consequences. This is your chance to objectively assess the present situation in the world and predict its development. If you can choose any topic you like for your world history essay, consider the following tips.

Types of World History Essays

Before formulating the topic, decide what type of writing you want to produce. In a continuity paper, you should focus on a specific time period and analyze what changes occurred during this time. You will have to compare and contrast two events or periods in a comparative piece of writing. You should research credible documents and analyze a certain historical event as it is viewed by historians in a document-based essay. If you realize your preferences in approaching the task, it’ll be much easier to create an interesting research question on any world history topic.

Questions You May Try to Answer

  1. What role did the Catholic Church play in European governance during the Middle Ages?
  2. In what way were the peasants of Western Europe similar to and different from the serfs in Russia?
  3. What was the Ottoman Empire significant for?
  4. How did geography and climate affect the history of Early Greece?
  5. What was the relationship between World War I and World War II?
  6. What were the reasons for the first economic collapse of 1819 in the United States?
  7. How was Panama created? What was the role of the United States in the process?
  8. What were the main advances during the Industrial Revolution?
  9. What were the causes of the fall of the British Empire?
  10. What did the Great Fire of London end up with?
  11. Why was the Catholic Church so popular during the 13th century?
  12. What were the causes of the Peasants’ Revolt?
  13. What was a medieval family like? Which family rules were rather unusual?
  14. What important discoveries did the Scientific Revolution give a push to?
  15. What was the role of the Enlightenment in the beginning of the French Revolution?
  16. In what way did the Bubonic Plague change the course of European history?
  17. What was the Cuban missile crisis and how did it influence the world?
  18. Why was the Great Wall built in China?
  19. Why did Nazi Germany lose World War II?
  20. Is there any consistency in the development of Chinese and Japanese relations? What patterns can you trace?

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