7 Basic Rules Of Using An Essay Writing Service Online

Many students find themselves looking to use an online essay writing service for a variety of different reasons: whether they are just too busy with other commitments, they don’t understand the course material, or they just don’t want to put the time into a course they are required to take but aren’t interested in.

If you are considering using a paper service, consider these 7 basic rules:

  1. Choose the right kind of service for your needs
  2. Decide whether a standard online service or a freelance writer is a better fit for your needs. This will depend on what the class is, how specialized the subject is, and what level of expertise your paper needs to cover.

  3. Find someone with adequate background in your subject
  4. If you are looking for a paper on a specialize subject, like the sciences, or something obscure, like financial homework, you will need to make sure that you find online essay writers with adequate background and knowledge in that subject. This is especially important if you are looking for a paper for the college or university level or higher.

  5. Agree on terms upfront
  6. Always set firm and clear terms upfront, before you officially hire the person and exchange any money. These terms should include the length of the paper, the price, whether revisions will be included in the initial price, and when payment will occur, and when the paper will be completed by.

  7. Suggest a topic and rough outline
  8. It is probably worth your time to spend an hour or so deciding what you want your paper to be on and providing a very rough outline of the topics to be included in it. If you don’t provide this to your writer when you buy an essay it can be a bit of a craps shoot whether they choose topics that match what you’ve covered in your class.

  9. Give them as much information about the assignment as possible
  10. Make sure you give them all the information about the assignment you have.

  11. Go through and make changes
  12. Changing some words and syntax can be helpful to make the paper sound more like you wrote it.

  13. Run it through a plagiarism checking website
  14. Check for plagiarism before you pay for the final paper. This will also help make sure you don’t get caught by your teacher.

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