20 Good Ideas for Your Essay about Love and Peace

Since the early times of the human civilization, we experienced and survived countless wars. Hopefully, people are trying to achieve peace all over the world so that nobody has to suffer in the future. If you’re asked to write an essay about love and peace and you cannot define the exact direction for your paper, you may use one of the ideas below.

Ideas to Choose from for Writing Your Paper

  1. The meaning of peace.
  2. The ways to promote love and peace in the world.
  3. The difficulties of achieving the world peace.
  4. A war cannot be a solution to any problem.
  5. People are naturally peaceful: yes or no?
  6. A story about a peaceful world.
  7. The difference between feeling and being peaceful.
  8. A famous peace advocate whom you admire.
  9. The best method to encourage love and peace.
  10. The importance of peace all over the world.
  11. The event that can trigger the world peace.
  12. The importance of teaching kids to be peaceful.
  13. Measures you can take to become more peaceful.
  14. Things that make you feel peaceful.
  15. Factors that don’t allow many people to be peaceful.
  16. The world peace: is it the bright future that will never come?
  17. Peace and religion.
  18. The difference between peace and non-violence.
  19. The most peaceful person on the planet.
  20. Fighting for peace: isn’t it controversial?

How to Structure and Write Your Paper

To make your essay readable and interesting, you should come up with your arguments or points and plan what your text will look like before you start writing. You may even read some books or articles to learn more about the topic of peace. Divide your paper into three parts. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. You should outline each part so that you exactly know what you’ll include in them when you’ll begin writing.

Your audience will mostly consist of your classmates, so use a simple language that won’t distract the reader from the contents of your paper. You should also start all paragraphs with clear topic sentences to make the reader immediately understand what to expect from them. At the end of a paragraph, place a logical transition to the following paragraph to make your text flow smoothly.

Don’t forget to revise your paper after writing. You’ll be surprised to see how many little mistakes you’ve made. To play it safe, proofread your text several times before you submit it.

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