Is Organic Food Worth the Cost?


It is no secret that the cost of organic food is a more expensive way of shopping for food than by other means. People who buy organic food are looking to ways of purchasing food that is better for the environment and in some cases meant to be healthier for you. On the other hand it is disputed that organic food is more superior over other foods.


Organic food is often bought as people believe the way they are grown makes it safer to eat and is less harmful to the environment. Another reason for buying organic food is a consideration for the welfare of animals. Some of the top reasons for buying and eating organic foods include:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Helping local economy
  • Rotated crops create healthier soil
  • No chemical fertiliser
  • Healthier for you than other food.

On the surface, organic foods sounds like the ideal way to shop and to eat. However there are many drawbacks to shopping for organic foods.


The main disadvantage of buying organic food is the cost. To farm, organically means the farmers meet much larger overheads than traditional farming. This is then transferred into the price of food that consumers have to pay. Reasons why the costs are so high include:

  • More workers are needed to farm organic foods
  • Food tends to grow slower than other farming methods
  • Organic farmers lose more crops due to no chemicals
  • USDA Organic certification is expensive
  • Shipping costs are greater due to smaller loads

Not only are the costs high for buying organic but also there is no scientific evidence that suggests that organic foods is any healthier than other foods. Keecha Harris from the American Dietetic Association claims that safe eating is not limited to organic foods.

Furthermore, the costs of transportation means that many people buy organic foods from many different countries. This means that organic food often travel further than other foods. In turn organic food from these countries costs more in fuel and damage to the environment.

If a consumer is able to shop locally from places such as farmers markets, then costs of transportation are kept to a minimum. This way of showing then eliminates the idea of goods being transported over long distance and eliminating the heavy cost of fuel and damage to the environment.


There are many reasons both for and against the purchase of organic foods. In essence it is a personal opinion as to whether the cost of organic food is worth the purchase.

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