Top 27 Explanatory Essay Writing Prompts You Should Consider

Explanatory essays are too close to expository essays in their structure and texture. The primary function of both is to inform clinically and elaborately. You have to ingratiate different angles. Of course, the pivotal details revolving around explanatory essays can be found on the web, courtesy this site.

Inducing curiosity

Now, you can draw readers by the simple litmus of writing prompts; a starting line that makes readers a participant. The prompts have the capacity to infuse freshness and energy into writers as well. Here are a few examples –

  1. Wildlife is getting severely affected by the rising levels of pollution. Explain how.
  2. Explain the role of that one influential teacher in your school.
  3. A stitch in tie saves nine. Explain the maxim connoting it to a real life incidence.
  4. Homework is having an adverse impact on students. Explain how.
  5. The world is getting more humane and yet the number of rapes and murders has increased. Explain.
  6. Sportsmen no longer have the zeal of yesteryear. Why.
  7. Music has lost its compaction through commercialism. Explain why.
  8. Kids learn better through images and illustrations than texts. Why.
  9. Explain how modern lives would shape on a marooned island.
  10. Stem-cell research has been a revelation. Explain its diktats.
  11. Objectification of women has a lot to do with movies. Explain how.
  12. Women’s equality is going to be the call of near future. Explain.
  13. Creativity is going through a dwindling patch. Why?
  14. Capital punishment should be banned on a global scale. Explain the obstacles.
  15. Explain the feasibility of the entropy theory by Stephen Hawking.
  16. Explain why people’s moral values are descending at a quick rate.
  17. Explain evolution through the levels of grasping in current kids as opposed to kids 30 years ago.
  18. Video games play a large part in blunting children’s minds. Explain the tenet.
  19. Explain the effect that the best book you have read had on you.
  20. Explain the importance of fusing strictness wit leverage at schools.
  21. Even students can make a significant contribution to the environment. Explain.
  22. Education technology has actually increased the level of curiosity regarding knowledge in people. Explain how.
  23. A rape survivor lives in trauma through her life. Explain what she has to go through as she lives.
  24. Explain the daily activities of a Prime Minister.
  25. Explain why Mathematics has always been your favorite subject.
  26. Animals should not be caged for human pleasure. Explain.
  27. Religion should always be segregated from Politics. Explain the alternative.

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