Good Advice on How to Select College Exploratory Essay Topics

In the exploratory essay, the writer is going to present a problem, crisis, or conflict. Then the author will propose ways in which the issue can be solved or cured. The idea is not to persuade so much as it is to explore and propose. When searching for good advice on how to select college exploratory essay topics, use our list of tips and suggestions.

How to Select College Exploratory Essay Topics

  • Consider topics that might be trending in the current news. An example might be why so many shark attacks occurred in the summer of 2015. You could then present your opinions for solving the attack problem. You can check the news online or watch social media updates for ideas.
  • Think of things that matter to college students. You could explore why there might be a high rate of certain violent crimes on college campuses or consider the problem of paying for college. Look around your world at the university and see what problems are important and matter to you.
  • Consider a problem that might be prevalent in your field of study. Maybe you are in the medical study program; so you could look at diseases and possible cures. Or maybe you are studying psychology and wish to look at what makes a person bully other people. If you write about what interests you in your college exploratory essay, your paper will be better. Use this good advice for your next paper.
  • Look beyond your major and your world, and see what problems exist in societies that concern you. See if you can develop a plan for helping solve this problem or concern. You never know, you may help to solve a major problem. Writing your paper could change the world and you.
  • Look at your hobbies and see what might need changing or fixing. Maybe you enjoy baseball and the local junior high school does not have the equipment for the students to play baseball. Come up with a viable plan for raising funds and obtaining equipment. It is always good advice to look at your hobbies when you are ready to select your college exploratory essay topic.

Use our good advice on how to select college exploratory essay topics the next time you are assigned a paper. Our tips and hints should make your job easier.

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