Activities For Improving Essay Writing Skills: 5 Great Methods

It may not seem so when you are droning on and on about topics you don’t really care about, but writing well can change your life for the better. The ability to express yourself clearly and sufficiently is one that is treasured by almost all professionals in the world, whether they belong to an organization or are just one person. Thus, if you want to concentrate on any one thing in high school, it should concern improving your essay writing skills.

Here are five great methods to help you out:

  1. Read: It may seem boring; it may seem pointless, but there is nothing that acts a better catalyst for writing than reading. Start by exploring various kinds of writers and pieces, and discern what you do and don’t like. Additionally, make sure always to practice high reading that spurs your thoughts: you eventually start writing what you read.
  2. Write mock essays: One of the best activities to help you practice is to write mock pieces of writing. Go online, pull up a list of topics that seem interesting, assign yourself one, and start writing. This will not only get you some additional knowledge but also hone your time management and fact-checking skills.
  3. Take tips from teachers and friends: Talk to your peers and instructors, and find out the methods that they employ to write their essays. If you find something interesting, try it out for yourself. If need be, modify the method to suit your own needs. This way, you will have acquired a new tip.
  4. Dissect the work of other authors: Take up something by a famous author, and start dissecting it from head to toe: what makes it so gripping? What literary tools has the author used? How does he or she present his/her argument? Are there any special facts or ways to be considered? When you do so, you will find shortcomings in your own work, and try to overcome them the next time you write.
  5. Get into the habit of proofreading: Most students start working on their assignments later than expected, and as a result rush into submitting their work, forgoing proofreading altogether. Do not make such a mistake. Even if you know your paper is not up to the mark, you will find solace in the fact that it is not riddled with grammatical errors.

Of course, these are just general tips. Every person is different. Once you start with these, you will find yourself tailoring situations to your own needs and thus find a new talent in essay writing.

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