Inventing Winning Narrative Essay Topics For High School

It is not difficult to create a basic narrative essay, but it is tricky to make it interesting for others. To be able to say stories in engaging way is a talent, and you have to work a lot until you will gain it. Most of the students who work on these essays forget that they need to attract readers; they just write down the most boring, dull story of their life and they expect to get the maximum grade. Well, this is not how you should do things. The topic is one of the most important elements of this kind of composition, and you can invent a good one by following these tips:

  • Don’t discus about something that your colleagues already know. You passed through many funny moments in your life, and for sure you shared some of these with your classmates. If you are trying to write about the same funny moment in your composition, no one will be interested to listen because they already know what you have to say. Try to choose as topic a new, interesting story that they did not hear before.
  • Find out what they are interested in. You are participating in discussion in class very often, so you should know by now what is interesting for them and what not. If you are not sure if they want to hear you talking about a certain topic, you can ask them directly. In this way you avoid an unpleasant situation for both of you.
  • Think about what you want to express. In a narrative essay you are supposed to tell a story that will help you prove a specific point. For example, you might want to prove how important friendship is, and for this you will tell a story about your best friend. If the story has no connection with what you want to express, it will be frustrating for anyone who is reading your text.
  • Search in your old photos. For sure you had many amazing vacations and meetings with your friends, but you do not remember each one of them. You can get some ideas by looking at your old photos. You will find pictures from vacation when you had a fun trip, or from that Christmas that you spent with your family. Either way, it’s something nice to share with your colleagues.

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