The Top 20 Most Interesting Discursive Essay Writing Ideas

Discursive essays are also known also known as argumentative essays. The liveliness of a discursive essay is wholly dependent upon the selection of the topic. A good topic is likely to lead into a lively discussion with numerous points to put across. The following are some helpful tips:

Have a good start

A good argumentative essay is one that has some good beginning point. Before you can decide that a certain topic is worth discussion, put yourself in the shoes of both sides. This will enable you to know whether you have taken a good start or not. In case you find that you are struggling to develop points for either side, odds are that your commencing key is questionable. A good start is one at which points begin flowing automatically without much of straining.

Apply real life ideas

Most of the interesting topics of argumentative essays are developed on looking around. This means applying the real life situations in that particular context. For instance ideas such as school happenings, the city proceedings, home, work place and daily life trends can be really instrumental.

Avoid controversial topics

There is nothing as frustrating and time consuming as coming up with a topic that can hardly lead anywhere. Any attempt to come up with a point for either side is fixed with a lot of controversial details from whichever side. This can lead you into a super boring discursive session. Ensure that you select a topic where there is a clear- cut difference and contrast with the opposition side.

Weigh both sides

One of the methods of testing the viability of topics is checking the weight of both sides. Most of the times, interesting discursive topics are those where there is one side with numerous discursive points while the other has scanty ideas. This puts the heavier side at a state of suspense wondering of the oppositions have a way of supporting their argument. The following are some interesting 20 topics you will find in this site

  • Are academic writings a correct way to go for Christians?
  • Should kids be allowed to seek help from academic assistance platforms?
  • Academic writing platforms encourage laziness in schools.
  • Exams should be banned at schools
  • Should freelancers register in more than one writing sites?
  • Cases of murder should not always lead to life imprisonment
  • Smart phones should be banned in all learning institutions.
  • Google should not provide a solution to all questions
  • Should women be allowed be allowed to be married by more than one man just like there is polygamy
  • Kids should not be beaten at all costs as a disciplinary measure.
  • The onwards trend towards the digital era is all positive.
  • Same sex marriage should be encouraged
  • Should there be exams at college level
  • Career based learning system is best
  • Are Olympics of help to countries of the losing teams?
  • Should video games be encouraged as a way of enhancing a child's thinking capacity?
  • Sports and athletics should not be made a compulsory co-curricular activity
  • Is it possible to stop premarital sex at college level?
  • Family planning techniques should be banned for all.
  • Abortion should not be considered as a crime

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