A List Of The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

College essays are usually the number one thing that students hate. It is easy to understand why teachers assign them because they show you have understood the topic, and are able to write coherently about it. Yet many students who are very smart struggle with these kind of assignments until they get help from a professional extended essay writing service. When you are looking for topic ideas for your paper about cause and effect, consider some of the ones listed below.

Topic ideas for college papers

  1. Discuss the effect of divorce on children’s mental health
  2. How does a father daughter relationship affect the daughter’s relationship with other men?
  3. What effects does it have on kids to grow up with a single parent?
  4. Discuss causes of poor water quality for people around the world
  5. What could cause the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa?
  6. What are the effects of birth control on women?
  7. Discuss the effects of cyber bullying
  8. How does cell phone use affect teenagers?
  9. What makes Google the most popular of search engines?
  10. Do girls-only or boys-only classrooms promote learning?
  11. Are there positive effects to having mandatory school uniforms?
  12. Discuss how longer school days affects learning and teaching methods
  13. What are the causes of increasing militancy from North Korea?
  14. What effect does globalization have on feminism?
  15. Discuss how WWII veterans were affected by the wartimes

Since this kind of homework is one that examines why something has happened, you should delve deep into your research. The causes of a situation and the effects of it after the situation has occurred, is the backbone of this style of paper. Any event, choice or issue that interests you can be a good topic for this project. If you are still not sure about your ideas, you can talk it over with your teacher.

Another way you can pick the perfect topic for you, is to reword one of the ones above, or make it into a question. You can then use that question for the title of your project, and even put it in the first paragraph as your topic sentence. The answer to that question is then the rest of your essay. You can go into as much detail as you like, and organize it in paragraphs in a logical way throughout the work. Then the conclusion will just be a summary of everything you already said.

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